Dear guests!

Welcome to the former residence of Zsigmond Rákóczi, our prince in Transylvania! We are proud to welcome you to such an outstanding historical site!

If you visit the Huszárvár Hotel, you can meet the world of a slowly forgetting era. In the romantic castle hotel you can feel the atmosphere of old times, but at the same time you can enjoy the comforts of the present age. Take advantage of the surrounding area, take a pleasant stroll through the castle garden and let the intimate charm of the place captivate you!

We hope that you will be enriched with a positive experience and impression and we will be able to greet you among our regular guests next time!

Experience unforgettable moments at the fortunate residence of Zsigmond Rákóczi, our prince of Transylvania!
3900 Szerencs,
Huszárvár utca 11.
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